Happy Dayz


I feel extremely productive today. I woke up really energized, and as I looked outside the window, the sun shone so brightly and I looked down from the 4th floor apartment window to see people racing to work or trying to catch the subway. Some in light sweaters and some who didn’t get the weather memo running a bit faster to find warmth underground. Today I had an interview. Finally something towards my career that I’m actually excited and confident about. As I am getting ready and take a last look in the mirror, I think to myself, You are going to rock this interview. It’s unbelievable what a positive attitude can do. It changes the perspective on everything.

About an hour later, I walk out and I feel great. The day is crispy cool, just how I like it, the sun fills me with light and happiness and I decide to visit my amazing boyfriend at his lunch hour because he always makes my day even brighter!

And then guess what?! I go to Staples to print out my new business cards!!! Boy oh boy I am excited. I can’t wait to pick them up tomorrow! Stay tuned to see how they turned out. I will post them on the site.

Now, I am at work. My lovely part-time Nanny job, A.K.A. Child Care Provider. (It sounds nicer:)) I shall walk the dog and pick up the kids now! See ya tomorrow!


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