Tea Tips: #1


Started my day off with a cup of tea to set the mood just right. On the tea bag was an extremely essential message that we let pass us by too often. “By listening you comfort another person.” We learn different lessons everyday and we strive to be the best we can be. Today at work I am going to do my best to listen. Listen to what others around me have to say. Today at home with the ones I love I am going to try my best to listen. To not always be listened to but to be on the other side and listen, and comfort, and understand. I hope that by doing this, only good things will come of it and I will grow and mature as an individual and form stronger and better relationships. To listen is to care, to love, and to endure what matters most. It is so important to hold on to things that matter in your life, and I plan to do just that, and know I will be trying my hardest every step of the way.


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