There’s No Such Thing As Half-Way Love


Everyone knows the saying, “Practice what you preach.” Well, according to my blog thus far, I have been very positive and light and happy and have preached about not letting anything get the best of you and to always take control of your emotions. Well, I hate to say that I haven’t really been following my own advice the last few days and I realize it is so much easier said than done. Especially when you think your life is wonderful and perfect and you have everyone and everything that you love around you, and suddenly, out of nowhere it stops, with no real reason, it just does. And you are left in the dark wondering and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together but there are too many pieces missing and its totally out of your control to figure it out.

Life isn’t perfect. We all know that. We all know that life comes with obstacles, and challenges, and ditches, and earthquakes, and rainstorms, and tornadoes, and wars, and violence. But if we look past all that and see the beautiful things around us, the beautiful people around us, we can Love, and if we Love, then all will be okay; everything will work itself out. I swear the Beatles couldn’t have said it better. “All we need is Love.” But not just any kind of love, not half way love. There is no give and take. There’s no such thing as half way love. You have to love with ALL your heart. Give yourself up to those around you. Entirely. Completely. Wholly. That is the only way to love because that is the only way you feel complete and happy and loved in return.
If you love someone then you will go above and beyond your grasp to keep them close to you and with you. If you love someone you will fight for them and never give up. If you love someone you will never let anything get in the way of tearing you apart. You will do anything in your power to make sure that person is safe in your arms and loved and cared for.

Life gets the best of us. We think making decisions are important. We are taught to believe there is a right way to go about things. There are rules to follow. Sure, I think it is important to be alert and aware and conscious of what we do and where we want to go, but as long as what we are doing right now makes us happy and complete, in other words, if we are doing the things we love right now, today, then all our other “important decisions” will unfold on their own. You have to live now. In the moment. If you worry too much about the future then you are not living in the present. If you want to live in the future, then build yourself a time machine, but until then, you have to live now or you will miss all the amazing things happening currently around you.

I don’t want to get into a rant, especially because I will go on forever right now. So many thoughts are in my head and I am trying to control them, keep them closed in, and focus on other things. It is so difficult. So I figured maybe if I wrote some of them down it would help.

Note to self: Chin up daniela. All will be okay.


Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.46.52 PM


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