So Little Time


Alright let’s play catch up. My life has been taking me on some interesting and crazy turns lately. I have found little incentive to post blogs. I know. Shame on me! I apologize sincerely for this and I will make it a point to not let this roller coaster I call life get the best of me and stray me away from my website. This is important to me.

So what’s new with me as of late? Well, I officially moved into my new apartment. It was absolutely disgusting. I swear that room had never seen a broom, a mop, a duster… Literally I introduced it for the first time to Windex. I scrubbed the floors like I was Cinderella. I got into corners that had never been exposed to cleaning products before. If I could describe this situation in a way for you people to understand in the simplest way… This room was like a virgin, touched for the VERY first time…and I proudly put my name on it! Not to mention the filthy kitchen…and I’m not even close to being done cleaning…that’s like a week long project. Let’s just say the skin on my hands got so much chemical exposure that they started peeling…the sponge disintegrated.. gives me goosebumps to think of how gross it was..and still partially is. But it shall get done.

I have 5 other roommates. 3 girls. 1 guy. And a Genetically Modified Albino Rabbit. I swear that thing is bigger than a dog. Anyway, all the roommates are random..never met them before nor have a even seen them all yet since I moved in. Which is kinda cool cuz it just feels like I’m living in a dorm with a community bathroom and kitchen so it’s all good. The only annoying part is that my room is the farthest from the kitchen so it’s hike every time I want water… And imagine sharing a normal sized fridge with 5 people…. Did you imagine? Yea…exactly. We’ll see how long I last… That rabbit seems to be giving me allergies… And the hobos ringing our doorbell isn’t the most comforting home sweet home kinda feeling…

In any case, settling in and organizing and cleaning and going to work and exercising and going to interviews and applying for jobs constantly on top of being completely emotionally drained for personal reasons and trying to cope has been my life for the past couple days since I’ve neglected you all. So again, I apologize. I hope I caught you all up more or less.

BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!
Please feel free to ask me anything. Literally anything on my Contact Me section above! If I don’t have an answer, I will look one up, but I can tell you this with 120% certainty… I ALWAYS have an opinion…and I’ve been told I give really good advice… This isn’t to say I necessarily follow it myself, but definitely can try to help your situations. Try me out, take it or leave it, but ya never know 🙂 I am always happy to help!!!


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