An Orange Weekend


This weekend was very….. Orange.. I went to Knoxville and got to see the Football game against Tennessee and Georgia. I’ve never really been into football or followed any teams, but I can totally get into it when the spirit is up and everyone around me is wearing orange…it’s kinda hard not to to be honest. The best part of it was that the game was actually close, so tension was really high which made getting into it easier and more exciting! A very fun experience šŸ™‚

Tailgating and lots of southern food definitely happened and zero exercise also happened… Wonderful… It’s okay. Weekend is over and I am back on track! I am going to post every workout I do this week on my blog to push myself and to show you all I’m not a bullshitter! It’s happening damn it!

“Talk to me” by clicking the icons below -v- or in my “Contact” section above! -^- you will see, I am very fun to talk to :))

Cheers to the end of the weekend! May your week be full of accomplishments and happiness!


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