Back Into Gear


As promised, I completed my workout for today. I ran exactly 4 miles around Prospect Park….in the pouring rain!!! Who knew it would start pouring down on me half way to the park!? This was the best feeling ever!

Running is one kind of amazing for so many reasons:

– the obvious, staying active
– clearing your head, thinking, or NOT thinking at all
– challenging and pushing yourself
– time for you and only you- it’s that one special moment in your day when you are allowed to be entirely, consciously selfish
– excellent for focus and breathing
– you are in control of where you go, how far you are going, what your pace will be
– clears your sinuses
– sense of accomplishment/ always room for self-improvement
– you get to sweat – mmm I love sweating!
– multi-purpose workout: cardio, strength and toning, weight loss, uphill leg training, sprint intervals, LSD, the list goes on

BUT…BUT…. Then there’s running the RAIN kind of amazing:

– talk about clearing your head plus letting the rain wash away any troubles, any worries, literally anything that is bothering you, I swear it is the most cleansing feeling in the world! Hillary Duff couldn’t have said it better, “let the rain fall down, and wake my dreams, let it wash away, my sanity cuz i wanna feel the thunder I wanna scream, let the rain fall down, I’m coming clean!!!!”

– refreshing! Imagine running in the scorching heat, and all you want to do is dump cold water on your head and cool down.. Exactly.. Rain is the universe saying, “here you go, I know you are putting in all this effort and working so hard so you deserve some natural refreshment during your run.” (Wow that was cheesy…)

– nostalgia: splashing in puddles is every child’s favorite game! 1. Because it made our parents so mad, 2. It was so rare to find a good enough splash-able puddle that when you found one it was irresistible to get your sister soaking wet when you least expected it… Am I right? bringing back memories now aren’t I?
So when you get to run through puddles and get your running shoes soaking wet it feels so wonderful! Ands plus it makes your shoes heavier = a better workout!

So yes, wonderful workout in this tornado-y weather.. And not to mention my daily abs and stretching post workout. VERY IMPORTANT!

Doing abs last is always the best for me because I love that tight feeling after the workout is complete so my muscles stay tense and continue burning calories even while I’m showering!

Oh I could just go on forever talking about workouts so I’ll save more for future posts.

Message me and let me know what your favorite workout is and why!?

Leave it BELOW or ABOVE, the choice is yours! 🙂


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