Love Me Some Yoga


So today was a bit weird:

I started a new job this morning! (woop!)

Then had to rush over to my “already” job…(woop woop!)

My best friend’s birthday is tonight! (Triple woop!)

Soooo with all that said, excuse time 🙂 –> I did not have my usual morning workout time slot, and I know tonight I will not have time because of the birthday plans, so I planned ahead last night knowing about all this Tuesday madness!

I got this lovelyyyy app from My Starbucks account 🙂 called Yoga Studio. Can you believe it?! Like, real life yoga classes for FREE! They range from 15 minutes to 1 hour at all different levels! You can choose either 1 of 30 classes, or you can choose individual poses and make up your own class. Like legit coolest app ever and I can just set up my iPad on my floor in my room, slap out my awesome blue yoga mat, and do yoga in my apartment!

That was my workout for today. A very short yoga session. I know it’s not very impressive nor were my calories decreased substantially by any means but it was definitely a great way to start my day. Extremely reviving, woke my senses, and got me ready for a full-packed day.

Crazy what a little stretching in the morning can do to lift your mood and start your day with lots of energy!!!

I definitely recommend this app. Try it out and tell me what you think ABOVE or BELOW! The choice is yours 🙂

Now, off to a birthday party! Goodnight!!!


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