Love is Gold


Yes that’s right people, I am a Gold Member at Starbucks! I worked hard for this and religiously drank coffee close to everyday for this so I am proud of myself, ok? πŸ™‚ I feel like a true New Yorker now. I know it seems silly, but you know, when you start getting your life together and creating somewhat of a routine for yourself you sort of begin to feel like you belong where you are, and no longer wondering.

It’s the simple, small things in life that make a world of a difference.

– I have a job, though it is not my job of choice, it is helping me pay my rent and feed myself…one less stress factor.

– I now have an apartment, still getting used to it, but always room for improvement so I am still not done searching until I feel like I find my Home Sweet Home… Who knows, it may not even be in this state!

– I am taking an online class now from Stanford University about Finances and Planning for the Future. It’s actually really interesting and eye-opening. if anyone is interested, I think the class is still open so email me for more info! Anyway, this class is getting me back into “school mode” more or less which is good for discipline and focus which is so easy to let slip away when you are not in school anymore.

– I have been consistently doing yoga in the mornings which is super relaxing and helping my flexibility. It also makes me feel better about what lies ahead in my day. I am really glad I am starting to make that a habit.

– I’ve been doing. Really good job at doing abs almost everyday and running and/or going to the gym. Also a great way of practicing good habits and discipline.

– I have been much more health conscious and making much healthier choices during meals and snacks. Of course, I splurge everyyyyy once in a while, but honestly doing much better than when in college. πŸ™‚

– I recently reached out to a high school friend who I found out moved to New York which is super exciting and we will hopefully meet up this weekend! This makes me really happy. I think it is so important to keep in contact with friends of the past. Especially if they were special to you back then. There is no reason why they wouldn’t be special to you now. The only difference is that life and space got in the way. A cup of coffee and a catch up if nothing else, will be worth the while and you will have a chance to reminisce on the past and have a chance of reconnecting now!

– I have been needing a lot of attention and love lately. I realize that sometimes you cannot wait to receive it because people can’t read your mind and may be completely unaware that you are more sensitive now than at other times. So I’ve been trying really hard to appreciate the people around me in my life who love me and care for me, despite fall outs, despite one-sided efforts. Who knows, maybe they are in need of as much love as you and are waiting to receive… My family who supports me is always there for me and I want them to know I am here for them too. It feels good to reach out to my friends who always have my back and are such amazing listeners and make me smile.

This is what life is about. It’s about love, happiness, being together, appreciating, accepting, understanding, respecting, loving, loving, loving!

Today go out there and put a smile on someone’s face. Make their day. Tell someone you love them, that you appreciate them. Tell someone you are so happy that they are in your life. Have a Happy Thursday everyone!! Hang on tight, Friday is almost here!!!

Feel free to leave your thoughts ABOVE or BELOW! The choice is yours :)))


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