4 Reasons to Love Central Park


This morning was unbelievably difficult to get out of bed. As I looked out my window, I saw nothing but overcast skies and could feel just by looking, the chill in the air. My efforts to lean over and look down the block were strained, and as my eyes met the ground, I came to find there was no one out and about on the street. Now you might guess what I did next, turned back over and closed my eyes for welllll say, an hour more…

One hour later:

I knew I had to get up and go for a run, but the bed was so warm and cozy and right outside my window was so cold and lonely. Well needless to say, I eventually rounded up the strength to get my lazy, unmotivated, procrastinating self out of bed and put on my running gear. Let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier of this decision. You would be surprised at all the beautiful things in the world that you could miss out on if you stay in your house.

I remember I read a quote way back and it went something like this:

“Leave your house before you find a reason to stay in”

It is such an easy thing to forget, but it is so worth trying to live by. It really is true that you will encounter so many diverse opportunities, meet so many interesting people, discover so many exciting places, and experience so many incredible things outside your doorstep!

Well, on my long run today, in the “cold and lonely” weather I discovered a beautiful side of Central Park I had never come across in the 4 1/2 years living in New York. As I let Imogen Heap and Kings of Convenience drown out the city noise, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my run through this magical park.

Reasons Why NY Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Central Park

1. An Escape

In this concrete jungle full of pollution, cars, public transportation, trash thrown carelessly on the ground, buildings so old and dirty, crowds full of people on the street minding their own business and all carrying straight faces as they pass you by on the cross walks, it is such a relief to know there is an escape.


To know that amidst all this crazy mumble jumble of a city there is a place where you can walk into and suddenly you forget the world around you. Suddenly there is peace and quiet.

2. Nature

Nature in the busy streets of New York City has been replaced by sculptures and buildings. Sure there are cute little flower bushes in the medians and a tree or two in front of your boutique, but there really is no comparison as the aesthetic, calming, breathtaking beauty of Central Park’s landscape.


My goodness. You look all around and there are giant trees of all sizes, grass for miles that you can roll in, dirt, rocks, paths and trails, you could get lost in this beauty and completely forget you are surrounded by tall buildings.

3. People

What I love most about Central Park is that you are never alone. There are people just like you needing an escape, desiring that touch of nature,  running, biking, skating through the trails


and breathing in fresh oxygen emitted from the trees. You can breathe deeply here. You can sit on a bench and listen to people playing beautiful music, or watch kids playing in the leaves, you can read a book or watch the leaves change colors and fall off the trees in the wind. You see a side of New Yorkers that is masked on 5th Avenue, Broadway, or Wall Street. You can actually see a smile on their faces as they pass you by, you can see their shoulders relaxed and releasing tension from their hard days at work. If nothing else, you’ll relate to them for that very moment when you make eye-contact that New York would not be the same without this park, and you’ll share appreciation if even for just one second.

4. Human Interaction

You share the same trail and motivate each other. You share the same bench and exchange a few words. You share the love of music and find something in common. You share a grin, a smile, a laugh, and the world becomes a better place. There is nothing like the simplicity of human interaction encouraged by your surroundings. You see couples holding hands and in love as they walking along the dirt trails and bridges with no set destination but just to enjoy this beautiful place together.

…..And the list goes on.

Please feel free to comment on your favorite things about Central Park. I am sure there is so much more to discover and I would love to check it all out!


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