Every Day Love

Every Day Love

Today my brother (left), sister (middle), and I (right..duh) met up in Soho for lunch. I cannot tell you how gosh darn lucky I am. This was so special to me.

So I have to take this time in today’s blog to hone in on the importance of family. Not only are they the reason you are alive, but they are the reason it is worth being alive. To have your family at your side, supporting you through all facets of life is unbelievably and remarkably astounding. The most amazing thing of all, is that they will never leave you. They will always be there for you. No matter what even if they are on opposite sides of the planet, they are there for you.

I have always been the sensitive, lovey-dovey kind of person. Sometimes I feel like it may be overwhelming, but I just think it is so important to express yourself in whichever way feels natural. Why hide, or cut back the way you feel? It seems silly to me to restrain from saying ‘I love you’ if truly in your heart you feel like you love that person(s). If you feel it, then let it be known!

I make sure to let it be known to my family, as well as those special people in my life, everyday that I love them. Whether it is over the phone, through a text, or in person. Gestures are always beautiful as well, like a hug or a kiss, or a surprise, a present, a meal, anything…but doing a million things and not expressing your love in words, stating it out loud, those 3 simple words when put into one phrase create a magical, gorgeous, fulfilling rush in my heart. Just to say, “Hey, I LOVE YOU.” It means so much. It also means, “I care, you matter, you are important, you are deserving, and I need you to know that, every single day.” Even if you have no doubt in your mind that someone feels this way about you, it feels so nice to be reminded daily.

Valentine’s Day for example..what the hell is that? I am not entirely against it, don’t get me wrong, but really? Love should be expressed equally every day of the year. It is sad to think one day needs to be designated for people to expressly state their love.

Before I make this into a novel, let me just say one thing: My life would not be the same if it weren’t for that big brother or big sister sitting beside me. They are my best friends, my advisors, my examples, my motivators, my supporters, my inspiration, my everything. I am so beyond lucky to have them in my life and even more to have them less than 10 miles away. The love I have for them is beyond words, beyond any possible explanation. I am so utterly proud to call them my siblings and I am thankful for them everyday. I absolutely cannot wait until our little brother is old enough to come hang out on lunch outings with us!

So as I get down to the conclusion, I’d like you all the take a second from whatever your priorities are, of course, except for reading my blog ;), and call someone you care about and tell them you love them. Text someone if you are too shy. Luckily technology allows us to communicate in so many ways that expressing ourselves to others has never been easier. Those 3 simple words are so powerful and can change someone’s day in an instant.

Please let me know what you think of my blogs! You may leave me a message, comment, whatever you want! ABOVE or BELOW, the choice is yours 🙂


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