Blogging to Blog

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That feeling you get when you are so tired that you can’t imagine starting a blog post, but at the same time can’t fall asleep without writing something…anything.

Because you miss it. It’s been about a week and you miss it. The fact that you miss it means that it has become a part of you. A part of you that you care about, that matters. That realization to know that you are doing something for yourself and you are enjoying it, and loving every time you do it.

Your blog is your safe haven. A place where you can be you and say what you wanna say. And feel how you wanna feel. Right now I feel tired, and that is okay. I had a long day. I woke up in Brooklyn, went to my internship, then to an audition, then to work. I then came home, relaxed, applied for a job, and watched an extremely inspiring video that was 38 minutes long, but 38 minutes worth it. (Thank you Eric Carlson: The AWOL surfer for sharing!)

Anyway, so I feel tired, but wanted to pay a visit to my blog. Just to say hello. It is important to me and I feel better for doing so. Perhaps tomorrow I will write about my week, or about the NY marathon I watched off my brother’s balcony in Brooklyn, or about love, or about life, or desires, aspirations, hopes, dreams, frustrations…who knows? I don’t yet because I won’t know until tomorrow how I am feeling. And I will write about how I feel. Did I say that already? I’m becoming redundant. Like I said, I am tired. ;P

I can now fall soundly asleep knowing that I have satisfied my need to pop in!

Goodnight World! ZZzzz


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