STOP Stopping and START Starting

dc elevator

My sister and I had a very, well…sister-y conversation yesterday. The kinds we always have about life and our concerns with eating right, and working out, and being busy and prioritizing ourselves…after talking for a while, this is what we concluded…

I will now do a series of STARTs and STOPs to showcase exactly what point I am trying to get across…see if you can follow without me having to explain first:
START celebrating the exercise you did today whether it was simply walking to work instead of taking the bus, going for a run, or hitting the gym! 🙂

STOP worrying that you didn’t do enough exercise today or had no time to go to the gym. 😦
START enjoying that delicious juice, smoothie, salad, fruit, or delicious and nutritious raw veggies with hummus! And once in a while pat yourself on the back for deserving a chocolate after a productive day at work 🙂

STOP hating yourself for caving in to that chocolate croissant or the second half of your sandwich. 😦
START focusing on improving yourself, feeling happy, appreciating what you have, and seeing the day by day progress on your health and lifestyle. Look in a mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and you deserve the best. Start taking care of your body, skin, and hair – washing your face, flossing your teeth, applying lotion, grooming your nails, combing/styling your hair. 🙂

STOP worrying that you’ll get fat if you don’t workout, or eat that god awful carb. Stop looking into magnified mirrors for the sole purpose of identifying your flaws and pondering on them and putting yourself down. Stop neglecting your body because you “have no time” for yourself. 😦
START wearing sexy lingerie under your clothes EVERY DAY. Flatter yourself. Remind yourself that you are beautiful and you are loved and you deserve the best.

STOP taking the lazy route and having a careless mindset when you get dressed in the morning like “i’m not trying to impress anyone so I don’t have to try to look nice. I’m just going to work.” Who said you were dressing to impress someone? Impress YOURSELF god damn it.
START being proud of all the productive things you’ve accomplished today such as your work-load, your activities, your healthy meals, making a new acquaintance at work, and most importantly the attitude you carried with you throughout it all. Check these off your TO DO list! 🙂

STOP worrying and stressing about the things you didn’t get done today or forgot to do. Stop beating yourself up about the things you can’t control and taking your anger or frustrations out on others. (It is not their fault that you are feeling this way). 😦
START keeping your head up and maybe striking random conversations with strangers and learn something new about them. You may learn something new about yourself or relate to them in some way and share a smile. 🙂

STOP starring at your toes in the subway and carry a defensive, or serious facade that screams “Just don’t…or else.” 😦

Soooo did you catch my drift? START looking at things on the bright side, glass half full, see things with a positive perspective, with a smile on your face and with confidence in your step. Every step is a step forward if you keep your chin up and do things for the betterment of yourself. Suddenly you’ll literally stop craving that dessert automatically because you are so focused on thinking about how wonderful and healthy you are being as opposed to be afraid that you aren’t being healthy enough. Suddenly you’ll get so much accomplished in a day you’ll see yourself crossing off most things on your To Do list daily. It is so ridiculous how powerful the mind is. Trust yourself. Have faith that you can achieve greatness. Motivate yourself with ONLY POSITIVE words.

Anddddd STOP doing this once and for all: DON’T say don’t. You CAN’T say can’t and as Biebs has said time and again, NEVER say never.

My dad has been sending me “Quotes of the Day” for years. I swear every single day the quotes he sends me relate to me at that given moment in my life. It’s almost freaky. But anyway, along with the new daily quote, he always sends the same one in smaller font at the bottom of every email. I would love to share it with you all as it relates to all of us DAILY and it goes perfectly with this thought. So I’ll leave you with this:

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
— W. Clement



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