That Time Of Year


Let’s talk about the weather real quick. It’s. Freezing.

Ok now that I got that off my chest…

In case you were wondering, that’s me ^ Sippin’ on some savory gingery apple cider with truffle fries in hand. Yes I said truffle. It’s a fun word. Say it out loud and you’ll see what I mean.

You totally just said it out loud. My job is complete. I don’t even have to keep writing anymore. Just knowing you actually just said it out loud fulfills me and I feel like if I didn’t accomplish anything else today, at least I accomplished that. So thank you, fellow reader, for participating in my simple amusements.

However, I did accomplish other things today. Shall. I share? Do you even care? Ah alright, alright if you insist!

I went to my internship today and it went by zooming fast. Like seriously. I was so focused though. I knew what I had to get done for the day and I did it nice and smoothly. Zero distractions. That’s not normal for me. So I hope I continue the habit.

I’m also re-reading The War of Art. I think everyone should be required to read this book. Or at least anyone who plans to get anywhere in life.

Ok so I was given an amazing opportunity at my internship and I am over-my-head, jumping for joy, above and beyond excited for it and all I want to do is share it with the world but I can’t! At least not yet. Ah I am so ecstatic though and nervous beyond words at the same time. I just have to believe in myself…and do lots of finger crossing! 🙂

I ran into a fellow student-athlete today in midtown. Very random but also very nice. I love running into people I know when you least expect it. It gets me thinking all deep and stuff. Haha. But for real, everyday walking and half-smiling at strangers and passing them probably for the first time and probably for the last…it’s so funny and crazy to think about how we were placed in this world. How we ended up where we are and how we’ve come around to meeting the people we meet. Do you get what I mean? Like for example, I didn’t choose the friends I have. I mean, I am so happy to have them of course, but they are my friends because we happened to go to the same school, or were on the same team, or ended up at the same party…but if none of those things were to have happened, they could just as easily have been a stranger sharing the same pole on the subway, gotten off at a different stop, and parted ways forever. I mean, whose to say the 5th person you walk past tomorrow could potentially be the best-est-est friend you could ever have? I don’t know, I could keep going but you get the idea. Food for Thought!

So there’s that. My blog contribution for the day. Oh, also, I’ve been keeping up with doing yoga almost everyday. I can confidently say that I am transforming quickly into an Intermediate…haha. I am going to keep working at it and once I have a grotesquely flexible move down pact I’ll post a picture for you all. :))

Alrighty, well I feel like there’s soooo much more to say but I also think that might just be my Resistance getting the best of me and procrastination is winning me over. I shall defeat this temptation right now.

Goodnight! And Happy Birthday to my amazing brother!!!! There aren’t strong enough words in any dictionary, any language that could describe how much he means to me and how much I admire him in so many ways. ❤


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