I Deserve Better.

I deserve better. So do you.

We have this tendency to think that in order to feel happy, we must have access to both tangible and intangible things. The tangible items are obvious: money, a house, a car, a phone, a nice wardrobe, etc… but the intangible…those are the ones our hearts desire and feel the need for them in order to be happy, so we force these feelings, (usually by means of a person) into our lives and try to make them manifest into something, and when it doesn’t work, you deny it and make yourself believe that it is working, despite becoming blinded to your true self, suddenly your self-respect diminishes, and you make yourself believe that everything is okay. In reality, you and only you can make yourself happy within, and those other things will come together in its own time and place.

Here are some intangible things that we may want, or feel like we need, but we need to realize the right way of acquiring them, because you, me, we deserve to be treated the RIGHT way.

It feels nice to be appreciated.
Everyday when you wake up in the morning, you have goals set for your day and each day you pursue them from the very beginning. When you wake up, you’ve accomplished nothing yet, until your day progresses and then suddenly a few hours later you look back and can say I’ve done this, this, and that…whatever it may be that day.. Once you’ve accomplished all that, once you’ve contributed your time and energy to something and given it your heart, there is a feeling inside of you that wants to be rewarded because you deserve it. You want recognition, applause, a pat on the back, a cookie. But you don’t NEED it. You WANT it, sure. It FEELS nice, sure. But only if it’s real. If the appreciation is authentic. If it comes from the other side with full force. I deserve to be appreciated.

It feels nice to be loved.
We blame our happiness or unhappiness on what we receive from others. We want to be loved so badly that we end up forcing, without realizing, those around us to show affection. What I mean by force is that we make them feel guilty by being upset or taking out our anger on them if they are not giving you the love that you deserve. If someone loves you, they will love you on their own. They will make you feel special.Their hugs, their kisses, or even just a smile will be genuine and full and complete. If they don’t understand you, they will find a way to on their own. They will fight for you, defend you, be by your side under any circumstance…and all on their own terms. Love should come naturally and swiftly. It should be easy. It shouldn’t be overanalyzed, or analyzed at all for that matter.. or thought through or have an agenda of any kind. Love has to be pure.That’s the kind of love I deserve.

It feels nice to be respected.
But no one has to. There isn’t a rule that says you can’t be disrespectful to others. You “shouldn’t” be … thats a different thing though. Those with class and a heart, and usually those who have balls to admit their wrongs and is a true human who recognizes the value of others, especially those you’ve invested time and feelings in, those people know respect and are real human beings who recognize that others are also real human beings with pulsating, beating hearts. A respectful person takes into account that you are alive and worthy of respect. I deserve respect, god damn it.

That is all. Goodnight World!


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