Closet Shopping!


Its funny when you come home for the holidays and you find yourself rummaging through drawers and closets full of old stuff and suddenly find it all way cooler than it used to be and you’re like, “I can totally pull this off now.” It’s awesome. It’s like shopping for free in your own room because half the time you forgot you ever owned that article of clothing before at all.

No but the absolute best place to go shopping is your parents’ closet! I legit found like 5 awesome sweaters there. You should have seen me. I took out the ladder and all. I mean come on, they live in Florida. They will never use these sweaters and they’ve had them stored up in the top shelves forever. Some of them have been stored since they were in their 20’s! Talk about vintage… ; )

Not only is this clothes awesome and free, but it makes you really confirm how trends come full circle. It is kinda crazy to think that designers these days are making clothes that is supposedly chic and new fashion, and while it is chic, its not necessarily new…its almost exactly what their parents and/or grandparents wore. I could probably go through my parents photo albums and find the same clothes hanging at Urban Outfitters for 70+ dollars and no offense to Urban, because I shop there all the time, but my parents clothes is probably way better quality.

So needless to say, I am super excited that I have fun “new” stylish, and super warm sweaters to wear this January!!!


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