My First Day


Today I officially started my new job! Woah. It’s still weird to write that, let alone, say it out loud. I, daniela celi, have a job. Throughout the holidays my family and friends back home kept asking me so you graduated, now what?!

That is honestly the most stressful question to be asked, especially when, well, “I DON’T KNOW!” That is how it had been since June 1st, the day after I graduated. This time though, I was able to say, “I am going to be a writer and blogger for!”

This all came to me by surprise and really was a blessing in disguise. There I was, supporting my gorgeous model of a best friend at her first ever fashion show for Madonna&Co. Of course, this was after a super long day at my internship and then work (nannying). I looked awful, had bags under my eyes, and I was in no mood to socialize with strangers at the show. Inevitably a few people came and sat next to me and we chatted a bit and that woke me up and got me in, I guess you could say, a more chipper mood.

At the end of the show, I walked up to my friend to congratulate her on not tripping and falling  ; ) and for looking beautiful as always and suddenly, Mr. SoHoNYC, who helped cast my friend, came up to chat with us. Before I knew it, we had exchanged business cards and I was on the road to discuss job opportunities in social media for his company!

Long story short, I am now on my way to becoming the Voice of SoHo!

I could not be more thrilled, excited, nervous, or anxious to be a part of this huge site and help it grow to its full potential! I will continue to keep you posted on my journey through this new, challenging experience and please FOLLOW @Soho_Nyc on Twitter where I will be tweeting almost daily and where you can learn all about Soho!!!


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