I Got Thick Skin

So I got a couch. Yea that’s right. I am moving up in the world. But real talk, it feels good. I am making progress. Yes I would like a cookie. Thank you.


My Adorable Little Couch.

Oh and then in the process of assembling it, as ALL Ikea things require, I shattered my awesome squiggly mirror. How? I honestly would not be able to answer that question! My first reaction: “What did I do to deserve this? I’m providing ALL the stuff for our apartment and this is what I get?!”

Then I took a step back and said: “I did absolutely nothing to deserve this. I need to stop thinking that I deserve or do not deserve things. I need to take events that happen for what they are and that is all. We always seem to need to provide reasoning for consequences of these types, but the fact of the matter is that they are all just coincidences, and anyway, the squiggly didn’t match the square structures in the apartment. So thank you, Shattered Mirror, for saving me from disproportionate pattern humiliation.

Well if that wasn’t enough of a rant. Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to!


Me. Obviously.

I signed up for this really awesome workshop called “Creative Boot Camp”. It was hosted by The One Club which is this organization full of a ridiculously genuine, caring, fun, really nice group of people who dedicate their time to providing opportunities like this one (which I will describe in a second) to willing and eager students looking to expand their knowledge in potential careers.

This particular workshop was for Advertising and Marketing. It entailed an intensive week (and when I say intense, I mean INTENSE) of creating an advertising campaign for 1 of 2 clients with a team of 6 people. We had mentors come speak to us and help us brainstorm throughout the week which was not only super helpful and really informative but also inspiring!

We then had to pitch our idea at the end of the week in a room full of judges who were professional Advertising Agents at BBDO…intimidating much?!

PRESSURE was on! TENSION amongst team members was overwhelming. ANXIETY for lack of time to come up with the entire idea, concept, creative, execution. Oh man. If I had to describe the most challenging project I’ve encountered to date it would be this Boot Camp. I now understand why they called it that.


“I Got Thick Skin,” says the Skeleton… what..?

There were times when I wanted to quit, where my teammates made me feel like this was a joke, and I thought I might actually be wasting my time. I had mixed feelings throughout the entire process, but to describe the feeling after all was said and done and I was shaking hands and exchanging business cards with the Senior Vice President of BBDO, JD Michaels, I am so unbelievable happy I stuck through to the end. I feel so accomplished and proud to say that I was part of this Creative Boot Camp. It really pushed me to the edge where I felt so miserable but hopeful at the same time. Where I honestly thought I would “throw in the towel” for the first time. Seriously you probably think I’m crazy. How can someone feel miserable and hopeful about one thing? The thing is, I’ve always been an EXTREMELY competitive person. The idea of giving up or quitting is not in my blood. I absolutely hate that feeling of incompletion, or of knowing I didn’t put forth my best effort. For the first time at this Boot Camp I felt like I was just going to put on my coat and walk out in the snow storm and flip a bird at my teammates. Yes it was THAT bad. Thank goodness I held my ground and pushed through the madness because it just proves to me that I can handle anything I set my mind to and NO ONE has the power to stop me.

I definitely learned a lot about Advertising from really amazing professionals, but I think most of all I learned a lot about myself and how strong I really am. How determined I am when I commit myself to something. Any future challenges that come my way, I will always look back at THIS experience and remember all the obstacles I faced and remind myself that I am capable of jumping over any negative roadblocks in order to get where I need to go. No Matter What.

So there’s that. Couch: Check! Boot Camp: Check! A Stronger Me: CHECK! : )


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