Being Abnormal

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Funny I went to this discussion by Marc Ecko at the Apple Store  yesterday. He was talking about his recently published book. He talked about straight lines and how they don’t exist even though we are constantly trying to form them. With schedules, day to day routines, so-called “stepping stones” in life like primary school, high school, get a car, go to college, graduate and then right away get a job, build your career, buy an apartment, get married, start a family, blah blah blahhhhh. Well i believe that If life was really this way, if it was so straight in this way where there are no surprises then where is the fun in that?

Life is not like this. It is not going to go in a straight line and it is not perfect. Curve balls are going to be thrown at you when you least expect it and you have to learn how to deal with it and make it work for the better. Wow what a great perspective though to know that there is no such thng as a straight line. it makes me feel good about where I am in my life. My line currently looks like this:

not a straight line

Everyday I wake up and its a totally different day. If I am able to get out of my incredibly comfortable memory foam bed and cozy room, I go to yoga around the corner because I always feel so much better the entire rest of the day and it is probably my favorite thing to do. Then I embark on my day and whatever it presents me. Sometimes I go into the city and sometimes I stick around my neighborhood. I try to explore new places to write so I go to a different coffee shop each time. Sometimes I am on the phone with random people all day and sometimes I don’t make one phone call in 24 hours. Everyday is completely and entirely different and to me, that is so much more exciting than having a set schedule.

There is a small list of things that I constantly think about on a daily basis. These are:

– I am moving to California in January 2015 no matter what anybody says because I have been wanting to for years and if I don’t set a date for it then it will never happen.

– I want to travel to Europe this summer, again because I am young and will be 23 and that is the perfect time to travel and explore.

– I want to be healthy and have fitness goals. This is important to think about everyday because every action I take, every meal I intake, and the choices I make  throughout the 15 hours I am awake in a day are essential to reaching these goals.

– I need to practice more guitar because I love playing but feel limited in my skills. I stare at the guitar on its stand everyday but resistance takes over and I always put it off. Can’t happen any more.


So despite all the bumpiness and swirls my “not so straight” faded line takes me, I know everything is going to be okay because no matter what I will have a smile on my face and I know that life will take me on adventures and experiences and lessons and through unexpected routes, but it will all lead to good things as long as I continue being creative, being open to different opportunities regardless of how strange and off the wall they may seem, and always have a smile on my face. I shall take one day at a time and be me, as weird and abnormal that might be.


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