Day 2: ReBOOT

Today was great! I had the deepest sleep last night. Nothing could wake me up, and this morning I had no intention of getting out of bed. But in a good way. I felt so well rested and calm. I wonder if that was just coincidence or all those tasty micronutrients doing their glamorous work!

As I calmly made my way to the kitchen this mid-morning I made myself a fresh Ginger Lemon Tea, letting the ginger boil for about 10 minutes so the water could really soak up all the juices. I love me some ginger and I hate to see it go to waste.

Then I got to workin’

First came the Green Citrus



 Then I went to Fed Ex for some errands and though that sounds very uneventful, it wasn’t. Lots was going on in there. I was trying to print out a picture, meanwhile a dog came strolling in with its owner and wet the entire place with its paws followed by the casual sprawl on the floor by the counter. Then these two guys come storming in carrying their “own” conversation at a much higher dB level than necessary. One of them flung on the floor besides the dog and started petting it frantically, while the other charged up to the counter and asked if they’d seen his iPhone 5. He then commenced to compare his iPhone 5 to everyone else’s and sad, “yea that looks exactly like mine!” No shit, Sherlock, everyone owns the same phone these days…

All this time, I just needed help to get the printer going and everyone was so preoccupied with all these other things. And THEN when I finally get my turn at the counter, the guy basically avoids me and coincidentally the phone rings and he completely ignores me, answers it, and then shoves a finger up telling me to hold on…… uhhh excuse me!?

It’s no wonder there’s a giant sign on the door that says HELP NEEDED. Really people? I just wanted to print my 2 pieces of paper, send them, and go…

Also I was in a hurry to meet my friend for yoga, which didn’t help the scenario. But whatever. I just hope my mail gets sent.



That’s me taking fitness selfies. It keeps me motivated.

Yoga was a little bit tougher than yesterday. My mind wasn’t totally there. I kept getting preoccupied with thinking about juicing and how I didn’t drink the coconut water I was supposed to yet and it was already 2 o’clock…

SO afterwards I went straight to the store, grabbed the coconut water off the shelf and proceeded to drink it as I shopped for my fruits and veggies. I never realized juicing required budgeting. Juicing is pricey. Make sure you are willing to commit!


I lugged all the heavy produce back to my apartment somehow and began to create my second juice of the day: Carrot Apple Ginger. This is my favorite. I just love how simple it is, and the combination of the three ingredients is just. mm.. ahh..just, yea.. trust me..its good. Then came le dessert

 Pear Pie Delight


It was the same as yesterday’s dessert except I switched the Peaches for the Pears. Honestly I could probably forget about ice cream all together if you put this in front of me after a nice meal. I’m not even kidding. Well, maybe next week I’ll look back and say dude what were you thinking? But as long as I’m in this “Juice Mode” I can totally see myself craving these more often!

Finishing touch of the night, Honey Vanilla Chamomile Herbal Tea.

OVERALL: I felt great today. Never hungry except for a little bit when I didn’t have my coconut water. I think it was mainly anxiety though, of not having anything for such an extended period of time. It’s ok. All is well, I fixed the problem! But yea definitely don’t feel that “miserable” feeling I’m supposed to be feeling on the 3 day hike up. Maybe its because I’m keeping such a light and chill attitude about it all. I know its a choice and I can break out of it anytime. It’s funny how different we perceive things when we see them as our choice or our obligation. It’s like that with everything.

Like reading a book for example. When you were assigned a book in school, every turn of the page was dreadful! But when you go to go the library or the bookstore and pick out your very own book it was magical and there were so many to choose from (one may have even been the assigned reading for next semester and you didn’t know it yet, but the fact that YOU got to pick it and no one demanded it of you was so much more satisfying and you were so much more willing. Am I right, or am I right? haha.

Ok I’ll leave you with that. That’s a lot for one night. : p

<3, dee

PS: Also, I’m proud to say that I pre-made all my juices for tomorrow so I don’t have to stand at my kitchen counter choppin’ vegetables for a day! Woohoo! ….Believe me, it’s an exciting thing. Try it, you’ll see its very time consuming and the relief of being ahead of the game is a wonderful feeling.


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