Day 3: ReBOOT

Hey there!

I’ll make this one quick because I am actually tired at an hour that isn’t ungodly to be awake.

Day 3 of my juice cleanse was… okay..

As I mentioned yesterday, I pre-made my juices for today and froze them so I wouldn’t have to do any of the hard labor today.. and this is what happened…

IMG_4445 I switched them from the freezer last night and they were still frozen over 15 hours later!! I ended up scraping the iced juice out with a knife, put it in a bowl, and defrost it in the microwave! Can you believe that? Defeated the whole purpose of “working less”. Guess that’s what I get for trying to take the easy road.

So my juices today were: Carrot Apple Lemon, Green Lemonade, and of course my favorite part of the day, Peach Pie Delight for dessert!

Of course, I went to yoga in between…which was AWESOME today. The instructor was so great. Best one I’ve had yet. She had a different routine than the conventional one that I’ve been seeing time and again. She kind of took her own path in the lesson while still incorporating almost the exact same poses as all the others. I don’t know it was just a nice experience today. Of course besides the fact that I drank so much coconut water on my way there that 5 minutes in I was dying to go to the bathroom! I was so annoyed because it kept me distracted the whole time.

Note to self: I will force myself to go to the restroom before yoga regardless of whether I don’t think I have to go.

Now I am sipping on some delicious…you guessed it, Honey Vanilla Chamomile Herbal Tea. I don’t know what it is about this tea but it is just so deliciously cozy and satisfying. It’s like the simple, yet perfect combination of herbs in one tea bag.

OVERALL: So why was Day 3 only just okay? Well, It wasn’t that I was hungry, but it definitely had an interesting shift in my mental state. I was a bit tired and lazy all day long and kind of down on myself. Not what I  presumed would come of “cleansing”, but maybe that is what the third day is supposed to be about, to think bad, sad, mad things and get them all out of your system and then hopefully sweep them aside.

That is also why I want to go to bed early so I can wake up tomorrow and start a brand new day because today was pretty tough overall.

On that note fancy frendz, happy dreams!

<3, dee


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