Day 4 & 5: ReBOOT

  DAY 4

So I didn’t blog about my fourth day… shit happens.

I’ll catch ya’ll up real quick.

Sunrise, Garden Variety, and then Celery Root for dessert — surprisingly good. Not as good as the Peach or Pear Pie Delights though.


Yoga was incredible! Loved it and made me deeply consider taking the teacher training course, but I had to make up my mind and throw money down the very next day so I was hesitant and now I’ll have to wait for the next turn around…I think that is better anyway, so I can make sure I’m serious about doing it. I think it’d be so cool to get certified to teach yoga!



The long haul!

Probably why it was the toughest of all the days. Also maybe because I woke up earlier than usual so I had to space out my juices for longer time spans which I hadn’t been used to.


Yoga was a bitch today. I felt so anxious, or nervous, or tired the entire time. I don’t know how to exactly describe the feeling but yea my heart was pounding, I couldn’t get a complete breath, and I found each pose very difficult to stay in for some reason…interesting.

So my juices today were Morning Green Glory, Un-Beet-Able, and Ginger Pear-Snip


Morning Green Glory was intense. It had every green you could think of in it. Surprisingly not bad though.

Un-Beet-Able was the tastier of the bunch so I actually looked forward to drinking that one.

And then there was the Ginger Pear Snip

IMG_4464 copy

the last of all 25 juices in the past 5 days… I was hoping it’d be the most delicious one that would be having me beg for one more day of juicing! …… but nope. It was AWFUL. I couldn’t even finish it.. So disappointing, really. I feel like I smell like a parsnip. Truly unpleasant. Such a shame, because I will probably never have a parsnip again in my life. I think this juice scarred me.

Last but not least my tea! This time I had Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea. One reason was so that I could try something different, but mainly because of the strong lemon taste and I was hoping desperately to rid myself of the parsnip after taste.


OVERALL: AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Enjoyed and loved every minute of it and I feel so unbelievably accomplished and happy that I stuck through it. I had a lot of fun and I definitely will do it again soon… minus the parsnip.

Hope you enjoyed my Juice Journey and following my ReBOOT days!

Goodnight lovelies : )

<3, dee


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