Here, There, Everywhere

well, well, well, if it isn’t my lovely blog! i apologize for abandoning you for what seems like forever. i promise you’ve been on my mind. you see, its been an interesting few weeks for me. i’ve been here, i’ve been there, i’ve been just about everywhere. i do not like green eggs and ham, sam i am.. just kidding. i probably do. never tried them. i know, i’ll find the recipe and i will try them. yes. that will be my next project.


now that that’s settled… so what have i, danielaceli, been up to?


well the job search/ the little engine that can is trekking up a really steep hill at the moment… but gas tank is still full and wheels are a-turnin’, even if slowly! lots of YIELD signs up the hill, if you know what i mean (metaphor for lots of waiting for companies to give me results) but i am patient because PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!!


I recently was a Production Assistant for an “Above the Influence” commercial which was totally fun and awesome! Maybe I only think that because I don’t do it often enough to say “This sucks!” like everyone else there seems to think. I just love how different every production is. Different people telling you what to do, and while very similar, different tasks to accomplish every time.


my career as an ActRESS has been more or less fruitful lately (and by fruitful, i mean the baby tree grew its first few apples EVER) i’m going to be a Background Extra for the pilot “Forever” that will be on abc..not exactly sure when it premiers..


This is me in a corset! Ha! how cool is that? never worn one before.

then, I was also a Background for “Cake Boss, The Next Great Baker: The Haunted Edition” so if you’re a fan of that show, you’ll probably see a really nice close up of me stuffing my face with red velvet zombie cake. real cute, let me tell ya


CAKE BOSS’S Buddy Valastro


Robert Englund A.K.A Freddy Kreuger


and thennnnn, i’m also helping my friend out for an acting school audition with a scene from a play. so we’ve been rehearsing quite a lot which is not something i’m used to but am really enjoying the challenge.


and this is what i had for lunch today…


….and this is what you find when you innocently walk the streets of Williamsburg 


<3, dee


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