Dee’s Repair Shop

Dee's Repair Shop

Im currently preparing for the biggest interview of my life. I’m going to try not to be cliché and talk about how opportunities arise when you least expect them and you should walk through every open door, but honestly this opportunity came at me like one of those State Farm commercials. You know, like when the person says, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!” and then this amazing thing that fixes everything in their life happens?

Yea well that’s how this opportunity feels. It’s like everything I do, everywhere I go, there’s a rain cloud over my head (except in a positive way) I’m so glad it’s there. Amidst all my efforts recently applying for jobs and going to interviews, it’s like this safety blanket over me that makes me feel like everything is going to work out, be okay, and my life is going to take extremely unexpected turns and I am so ready to venture out into the world and let this happen.

The one thing I’ve been wanting to do for so long, to explore the world, challenge myself in ways I never knew I’d have to. Redirect my life’s course for a while and wander, learn, form new relationships and discover myself through a different perspective. Be out in the wilderness and cope with my natural surroundings. I crave not having materialism in my everyday life. I want to appreciate the world for its natural beauties and sleep under stars, breathe fresh air and get dirt under my fingernails. I want to be active and I want to know that the soreness of my muscles at the end of each day was the result of an incredible journey and once in a lifetime experience. And to make new friendships and connect with people, cross paths with cultures I never imagined I would have… This thought is so ingrained in my imagination that to actually, physically experience it would literally be a dream come to life.

I mean, this is for real. This is the first time I’ve actually known what I wanted to do. I am packing my bags, and going on a plane across the country for this. I am literally giving it my ALL!

Anyway, excuse me while I keep perfecting my bike mechanic skills. Imma need it! 🙂

<3, dee


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