i’m a girl living in williamburg, brooklyn trying to figure my life out every day. i have a solid support system around me. beautiful family and friends who cheer me on and encourage me to be the best i can be. they cheer loudly and consistently. i often imagine myself standing in the center of the city starring up at the tall buildings, and all around me are fast cars, taxis, trucks, people of all ages  moving swiftly as if they have a set destination, as if their function in life has been established. and here i am, motionless, watching the city come alive, inhaling and exhaling energy and positivity from every avenue, every office building, gallery, venue, bakery. i thirst to become a part of this movement, this progressive, innovative noise. i need to get involved. i will get involved and i will make a difference. follow my dayz in this maze and watch my journey as i flourish in the city that is my home.


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